Livingston Lot
Lutz, Florida 


Central Service Maintenance Facility



MINIMUM BID OFFER             $1,157,000

BID DUE DATE:                          December 14, 2018 (12:00 PM)         

CITY                                            Tampa

COUNTY                                    Hillsborough

TAX DISTRICT                           Unincorporated Hillsborough

PARCEL FOLIO                         047352-0000; 047353-0000

SIZE                                            9.7+/- Acres (422,532+/- Square Feet)

BUILDINGS                              Bldg #1 – Main Office/Shop (Built 1985) – 15,812+/- SF

                                                   Bldg #2 – Storage Bldgs (Built 1985 & 2010) – 3,510+/- SF

                                                   Bldg #3 – Covered Concrete Area (Built 2010) – 9,676+/- SF

                                                   Bldg #4 – Manufactured Office (Built 1990) – 2,160+/- SF

ZONING                                             CI (Commercial Intensive)

FUTURE LAND USE                          LI (Light Industrial)

FLOOD ZONE                                    Zone X (min flood hazard) & Zone A / Zone B

UTILITIES                                           Water & Sewer – City of Tampa; sewer lift station on-site




The subject property is comprised of two square-shaped parcels totaling approximately 9.7+/- acres. The property is currently zoned CI (Commercial Intensive) by Hillsborough County, and has a future land use of LI  (Light Industrial). The site is improved with four industrial buildings throughout the property. The main office/shop facility was built in 1985 and then the  shop area was converted to office/mezzanine in 2010. This building contains a total of 15,812 square feet with 7,592 SF of HVAC office space, 2,432 SF of mezzanine area and 5,788 SF of shop storage. West of the main facility is a manufactured office building which contains 2,160 SF built in 1990. South and east of the main building are two storage buildings containing a total of 3,510 SF of enclosed area and 720 SF of canopied area built back in 2010. A covered concrete transfer area containing approximately 9,676 SF of concrete slab with a 20 foot clear height canopy built in 2010 is located along Hartford Street frontage. This improvement was constructed in 2010 as part of the contamination remediation plan for the former stockpiling of sediment that is routinely removed from county maintained drainage right of way. The site also includes an on-site well (non-potable), an above ground fuel storage tank

This site is currently subject to a Consent Order between Hillsborough County and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP OGC File No. 01-1651) dated December 2, 2005.  The latest modification to this Consent Order is the Third Modification dated May 3, 2018.  In accordance with paragraph 11 of the Third Modification a Site Assessment Report will be submitted by the County to DEP no later than January 28, 2019. The sole remaining issue in the Consent Order is delineation of the level of arsenic in groundwater along the southern boundary of the property, and such further tasks related to arsenic levels as may be required by DEP.



The subject property is located in a mixed industrial/residential neighborhood between the Port of Tampa and the residential development of Clair-Mel City / Progress Village in south eastern Hillsborough County. The subject property is part of the area commonly referred to as the Palm River community. There are numerous distribution arteries serving the neighborhood including US Highway 41, State Road 618 (Selmon Crosstown Expressway) which is 2.5 miles NW of the subject site, and a full interchange with Interstate 4 approximately 3.5 miles NW of the subject property.



The minimum acceptable bid is $1,157,000. Any bids less than the minimum bid amount will be considered counterproposals and will be deemed non-responsive and rejected. The bid shall be accompanied by an earnest money deposit in the amount of 10% of the bidder’s bid amount. For more information including the Bid Conditions and Sales Contract please visit

The subject property is being sold “as is”, “where is”. Bids will be accepted until 12:00 NOON, EST, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2018. Neither Hillsborough County or Savills Studley Occupier Services are not responsible for bids mailed but not received by 12:00 NOON, EST, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2018. All bids received by the bid submission deadline will be publicly opened at 1:00 PM EST, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2018.



All properties are sold “As is” “Where is”. BIDDERS are cautioned to carefully examine the Bid Proposal, the property being offered for sale, and to be thoroughly informed regarding any and all conditions and requirements of the bid. A BIDDER will not be relieved of any liabilities and/or obligations resulting from lack of knowledge of conditions or requirements.


The acreage used in this brochure/website is estimated and not based on a survey. The purchase price of a surplus property will not be reduced regardless of any difference between the estimated acreage and the acreage determined by a survey or other means.


The "Bid Proposal Form" shall be completed in its entirety and submitted in accordance with the procedures set forth in this Bid Proposal. Otherwise, the bid will be rejected. The bid for the property shall be entered on the Bid Proposal Form. Complete the blanks only. Any changes to the Bid Proposal whether additions or deletions will cause the bid/offer to become ineligible for consideration. NO OTHER TYPE OF "BID PROPOSAL FORM" WILL BE ACCEPTED AS A VALID RESPONSE TO THE BID PROPOSAL.



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